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Dick Rees

I can understand the desire to stick with Windows or Mac to stay in familiar territory, but I don’t understand why one would choose to spend significantly more money to purchase a digital console that would work with an existing computer when consoles are in the thousands of dollars and computers in the hundreds.

The Qu series is still the best value for the money in a live/recording desk. I do my production work on Windows machines but picked up a factory refurbished Macbook and an iPad to work with the Qu. That said, I use a Seagate portable hard drive for USB multi-tracking and Sandisk Extremes for the Qu-drive. Once you have the .wav files, just load them into the computer/DAW of your choice.

As to the USB2 “argument”, that has been thoroughly debunked so many times I’ve lost count. It works, we all use it. End of story.