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Dick Rees

“Hi guys.
We just got the Qu-24 installed in the church on Thursday and i tried some recordings yesterday. I downloaded the QU-Driver software onto PC. Connecting the Alt out jack output (set at level 7 on desk) into the existing jack to USB converter (which connects to PC USB) everything works as before using Mp3DirectCut. I then tried connecting from desk USB-B directly into PC USB and again using Mp3DC,and as you said above the recording level is so low i can hardly hear a thing. I now have to figure how to raise the send level from desk. Will try that later.”

You can’t raise the level from the desk, you need to raise it in software

Well, I would suggest you carefully examine how you’re setting your channel input gains. This does in fact give you the ability to “raise the level from (at) the desk”. My guess is that the input gains are being set very conservatively and with reference to live rather than recorded sound. Perhaps optimizing the inputs for recording might be in order. It shouldn’t really effect your live sound as you can always feed the house system from the AltOuts and use that trim to balance the recording/live levels.

This is how I do it for live/camera feeds. Board USB for recording, analog live from AltOut.