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“DAW Control” is (IMO) an ambiguously named program developed by A&H that takes Midi messages sent by the console over USB and translates them to Mackie Control/HUI protocol (and takes the Mackie Control/HUI commands sent from the DAW and translates them back to Midi.) This allows the Qu to control/be controlled by DAWs that use Mackie Control/HUI instead of Midi. The caveat is that this “DAW Control” (Midi translation) program is only available on OSX, not Windows.

Bottom line:

Bi-directional multitrack audio streaming over USB: Windows and OSX

“Controlling a DAW” via Midi over USB: Windows and OSX

“Controlling a DAW” that can’t use midi but can use Mackie Control/HUI: OSX only via the “DAW Control” program. However if the DAW is running on Windows it can still stream audio to/from the Qu, you just can’t use the Qu’s faders/buttons to control the DAW, you have to use your kb+m.

AFAIK, Cubase uses midi, so if installed on Windows or OSX it can be controlled by/can control the Qu (provided long as the Qu is running a recent firmware version and you set it up correctly.)