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One important thing to add. I use a QU32 as the centrepiece of my home studio, both as the audio interface and the DAW control surface (I also have an Avid Artist Control for transport control etc.).

The USB interface is not really full-duplex as I have always understood it. It’s quoted as 32 in / 32 out full-duplex, but actually each of the desk’s channels can be either an input or an output, but not both (as you would get in a traditional inline desk, with a record and monitor path). What this means is that you sacrifice two of your input channels to get a stereo main out from the DAW into the mixer (for tracking I use channels 31 and 32 as a stereo pair, and I have a second return from the DAW on 29 and 30 for click and to provide a second headphone mix if necessary).

So I actually get 28 inputs and 2 stereo DAW returns. It works really well for me – the interface runs at a low latency and I’ve had no glitches of any kind, and the DAW control surface works well (with the limitation that the faders are not touch-sensitive). However, I would not have been able to get away with a smaller desk (the QU24 or QU32), because of the above duplex limitation. If you need more DAW returns (e.g. for different headphone mixes, patching in analog outboard) your channel count can get eaten up very quickly.