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But it had an Ip I was using ap and then nothing, walked over light was out , i could duplicate after it warmed up at home wit the ap running. It been doing something like this since new. Not consistent, I own a Qu24 I will try with that and see if i can duplicate. It just screws me when I dont have a snake hooked up and have to make changes by running back and forth. Mind you I paid $2400 for this Qu-16 about was I just paid samefor a qu24 that was chinese made. For 2400$ the network jack should last a long time. its not any physical damage either jack looks perfect.

just tested again, after a steady connection with Ipad for about 10 minutes the link light drops out and Qpad disconnects reboot does not help. I just powered down and I am going to wait a few minutes.

Waited 5 minutes now I have had a connection for almost an hour. not sure why I can’t get consistant connections, Im going to invest in another router.