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I got the Technec Jackreel-F4. It is light, yet plenty sturdy enough to handle the cable weight, and reasonably rugged. It differs from some reels in that it has a larger center hub diameter. (It is marketed primarily as an optimal reel for fiber-optic cable, as that kind of cable should not be wound too tightly, and although ethernet cable may be theoretically more able to withstand much tighter bends, I still like to baby the cable by minimizing stresses on it — after all, a lot is riding on the integrity of that lifeline!)

I got 165′ and there is a little extra room on the spool — I’d guess you might be able to fit 200′ or more on the Jackreel-F4 (although I chose to limit it to 165′ since that was a practical limit on “bullet-proof” reliable length for stranded cable that a few different sources I researched had recommended).

Have only had it a few months, but loving it so far. My old, heavy copper “dinosaur” snake is sold and quickly falling out of sight in my rear view mirror. Loving the AB168 Qu16 combo!