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Hey Bob thanks a bunch for the help!
You’ve saved my day with the line in/instrument jack issue I appreciate it!

For some reason the when I look in my manual Section 8.14 talks about the Qu-Drive instead of the insert send or DO. I tried searching for it in other parts of the manual but I haven’t found quite what I’m looking for.

STEFFEN, thanks for the idea. I checked the mic cable and it seems to work fine in other situations.

Just to recap! I can sing/talk into the mic for 7 seconds and even if I’m keeping my vocals at the same level the gain/level of the vocals decrease all by themselves. The vocals will start out at the perfect level in the meter and then as you keep speaking they get softer and softer. I’ve made sure the Gate, Eq, Comp are out but the yellow Gate light still lights up. Could that be part of it?
I’ve tried the same thing keeping the Gate, EQ, COMP IN, and I get the same results. I’ve yet to understand what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks again for your help fellas