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Andreas – thanks. Re. cluster interleaving, that makes perfect sense. Wrt errors – well, in my case my mixer is usually setup next to my drums! The same thoughts crossed my mind, but I have observed errors being reported when not playing. A read/write test of every sector does not throw any issues, so I don’t think there’s been sustained mechanical damage (i.e. it doesn’t explain what’s happening under stable conditions).

The suggestion to switch to a non-mechanical drive makes sense. I guess the only issue is memory wear, but I gather most drives/sticks achieve upwards of a million P/E cycles these days?

Thanks for the tip Bob – I wasn’t sure about using a stick as most seem to lack the raw throughput, but reading around the SanDisk does appear to do the job. Worth a punt for 35 quid! Is this the exact model? (Getting paranoid now!)