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Interesting find Dick.

Yes, I remember those days! If I recall correctly though, in isolation of other factors, 5400 rpm should provide plenty of throughput for recording multiple channels of LPCM – 16 channels of 24 bit 48 kHz should certainly be well below the bottleneck imposed by the spin speed. SOS had a pretty good article on this a while back….

However, I guess it’s not inconceivable that something else has changed (as part of the move to lower rpm) on the latest version of this drive to cause issues. In which case, the approved drive list really needs updating (this is what I used to help decide my purchase in the first place) and unfortunately make and model doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be ok!

Does anyone else have issues with transfer speeds copying their recordings to PC using a USB3 drive (i.e. getting only about 5 MB/s).

I can always relegate this drive to other purposes, but if I’m going to buy another I want to make sure the make/model and particular variant will be error free (and preferably allow me to copy my tracks at USB 3 speeds…)

Without wanting to hijack this read – can anyone recommend a drive they have bought recently that reports no errors and transfers A&H recorded files at a more tolerable rate?