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I’m probably not the right person to ask for “free” or “simple to use” software. Even for such stuff I’d still use my “big” DAW to have any freedom in editing (cutting edges, removing parts, add compressors/FX, tune EQ etc.). So hopefully someone else will chime in and provide more ideas and tools…

I guess Audacity could work for you, but I never used it.
VLC player can convert to MP3 but does not allow modification of volume.
My good old CoolEdit is called Audition for a decade and now part of the Adobe Creative Cloud…
Anyway, to convert a simple stereo recording this is total overkill, and I’m wondering why MP3DirectCut can not simply import a WAV and save it as MP3 (it can’t, just tested). It contains everything else you need including volume adjustment.

Rising the recorded volume inside the mixer is rather easy, using a matrix output comes into mind. Just feed your MTX from LR (either pre or post), add gain from the matrix’ compressor section and setup QuDrive (Chn 17+18) to record from MTX.
The compressor also may take care of transients to avoid clipping in the output, but tuning the right parameters may take some time and need some testing. For that reason I personally would record with headroom and adjust gain (and compressor) afterwards in some audio editor (=DAW).