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Thanks for the help. I save every week as a separate show to the USB drive so I always have a copy of it, but try to use the same default show each week as a starting point so everything we have done recently is always available if needed. This is probably why I ran out of memory. I do occasionally backup the libraries on the same drive but have never had to use them. Sounds like I should clean out some of the library items on the console and use the stored ones on the USB as needed.

It will be a few days before I get back to the church and the console, but I am hoping that I can delete individual library items there as I did on the Editor. If that is the case it will make plenty of room. When the only option offered is “Delete Library” I was concerned about even trying it before. Now I am feeling better because I know I can always recall individual items from the USB if need be.

Thanks again.