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This is exactly how I have the church I do sound for set up. I have a password to the admin user (as well as anyone who needs to turn on the board in the case that I am not there for a rehearsal) and the basic user has no password.

If admin is the last person to log on and the board is turned back on, a login screen will appear. From there, all you will have to do is touch the basic user and it will log in (if you set a scene to recall upon login, you will have to touch yes to the prompt).

If the basic user is the last person to log in, as long as there is no password on that user, then it will automatically be logged in when the console is started up.

The way I have it set up is the admin user recalls scene 1. This is the main scene that we use. Before shutting down the system, I always store the scene to keep any changes in case the basic user logs in. If you do not save the scene, you will lose changes. The basic user then recalls scene 10 (dont know why I picked 10) upon login. This scene only has the mains (LR) and the inputs that I feel like they will need such as the computer sound, and wireless mics that can be used for small events or services. The user is restricted to only fader and mute. Everything else is locked away, and I have yet to have any issues with this setup. Most basic users cant understand how to turn on the wireless mics, much less understand gain, EQ, compressor, and the countless other features that this board has.