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hmm, based on your questions I’ll maybe suggest to keep the additional interface first for sake of simplicity and learning all your new possibilities… 😉

Of course it is possible to stay in the digital domain for recording and there are two solutions:
– Use the top USB connector and connect some type of USB disk (HDD/SDD/Stick) to record WAV (stereo or 18 tracks). Later copying to PC and conversion to MP3 is required.
– Use the back USB connector and directly record to your PC, maybe still using your Mp3DirectCut.

But for recording digitally some aspects need to be observed:

– The recorded level will seem to be very low, in fact everything has a headroom of 18dB above nominal level, which is normal and intended. Whether you’re recording to QuDrive or directly to PC this needs to be adjusted. Either during recording (rising the send level) or afterwards. Not sure if Mp3DirectCut is able to rise volume that much.

– When recording to PC (using the back USB connector) you do need a decent PC to handle the 24+24 channels which are always transferred, even if you’re only interested in recording a pair of it. If you observe a high CPU load just by plugging the Qu into your PC, it simply is not powerful enough.

– A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is a “better” recording system allowing plenty of manipulation afterwards, uses multichannel recording like ASIO or CoreAudio (on Mac) and focuses on low latency.

– Mp3DirectCut is somewhat a microDAW, only recording and plaback of one stereo stream with some editing functionality. I guess it uses standard Windows drivers, which are the first two sent from the Qu (1 and 2). Consequently these have to be correctly assigned on your Qu to send whatever you want to record (probably LR Pre or some MIX)

I fully understand you prefer a simple workflow, but if you would ask me, I’d recommend to record on a stick (leaving the PC at home) and later transfer, edit, cut and encode the recorded WAV to your target format. Of course this takes some minutes but you have much more control.