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I did some recording yesterday and could hear no latency -things appeared to be going well.
Recording isn’t really my thing but I do enjoy the process so my friend asked me to help him out.
I used the QU16 and because the session only involved drums, bass and guitar, I used Garageband because I am so familiar with it and it is all I need for this project. First time I had used the QU16 for more than 2 tracks. Used 8 tracks – 6 drum mics, guitar and bass.
Anyway….we had laid down the basic tracks for 3 songs – played them back and they sounded great – no issues. Then guitarist switched from his electric to acoustic guitar through DI box for song 4. Used different channel on desk. The band played the song straight through and everything sounded fine through the headphones. Then I played it back. The acoustic guitar started the song and after 4 bars a high pitched (maybe 8-9k) screechy/scratchy digital sound came through. It seemed to happen with the beat and got louder with the music volume. However it was intermittent.
I blamed the guitar because nothing else was playing during the intro but then I realized as I went through the tracks, it was there intermittently on different tracks throughout the song. It was in exactly the same place each time I played it back so it was definitely on the recording – but was not there when song was being recorded.
We figured it was a fluke and the band played the song again and there it was again (in different places).
So, what I did was – I disconnected my router from the mains because it is permanently attached to the mixer and sits on its own shelf in the rack for live use when I use my iPad. Then the guitar player removed his tuner pedal from the mix ( which wasn’t the problem otherwise the screeching would have been heard during the recording) and I saved the project and re-booted my macbook.
The band played the song once more – same instruments and no problems – playback was perfect.
Has this happened to anyone else?
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