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On New years eve (at a festival) it was pumping! 125db back behind the monitor desk.Very loud
QU32 & QU16 doing their business superbly
Suddendly a power outage!
Apparently about 3 seconds.
I run a UPS unit with batteries and its always conditioning.(unfortunately a pain to carry around as not rack mounted)
The 6 LAB amps went off but came straight back… soft start.
The FOH engineer sweated though as he was running a different digital stage box of that other brand. And we didnt have his stage box plugged into the UPS.
He (FOH ) engineer had an UPS so his desk came back.(The same UPS brand as mine)
But there was confusion about getting the other brand digital stage box to resync!
It finally did resync and we all carried on.

I would invest if you are doing bigger shows in a rack mount UPS that is always conditioning.
I will be getting another rack mount UPS for my FOH desk (the always on type)
I dont have the specs on it(Digitech brand) but you can just see it is behind the EQ rack on the floor over on the right. Its quite heavy awkward little thing!
Thank goodness I thre it in “last minute” before departing to the wild bush frontier!