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Well there you go then.

I’ve recently used some pepwave kit which has the required function and would be trivial to rack mount (since it’s designed for it) I hadn’t really thought the single box solution through though 🙂

Let’s stick to three or 4 boxes as the solution (WAP at each end is probably a good idea) Could probably be mounted in a small case for each end (since they’d be identical it wouldn’t matter which one you grabbed for each end, or for a “small” gig). Would also allow easy mounting slightly higher than racks, putting a WiFi aerial in the lid 😉
Need at least 4 ports:

DSnake device connection
WAP Connection
Ethernet device Connection

Only the ethernet device connection at the “stage” end would be wasted.

You could even put a wireless IEM transmitter in one, for PAFL out and about…