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A 19″ GLD is also exactly what we are hoping to see in the near future!
The 112 is fine but for all the smaller jobs (conference, gala, theatre) its footprint is just too big.
This 19″ GLD or call it GLD72 would be a perfect replacement for our LS9s-16.
We do have the Qu16 in stock for even smaller jobs, but the Qu simply does not offer the same flexibility, clarity and workflow.
This is not meant to be understood as criticism since in my opinion the Qu offers a tremendous feature set at its pricepoint (although we would really appreciate to see a De-esser feature for the Qu range as soon as possible!).
This should only point out clearly that there is definitely space bettween the Qu16/24 and the GLD80 – for a 19″ GLD 😉
So please, Allen & Heath, go for it – we would definitely buy some of these!