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Hi Steffen,
I understand what you are saying. And yes, that was why I had set up this way so I could use the QU to make my monitoring headphone mixes. I recognized the advantage of monitoring in the QU h/w pre-daw (low latency, use of reverb etc for the monitors only, and QU does monitor mixes so well). However I had (wrongly) assumed that for the unique case of punch in recording, I would need to monitor what I am recording during the punch in stage through the DAW. But I don’t actually need to. True. In fact it is prob heaps better that I continue to monitor direct off the input pre-DAW. Duh 🙂
I will try that. Thanks 🙂

Incidentally for the playback monitoring I think I will use Folders tracks (busses) in my DAW to roll up related tracks into “virtual stems” or groups and return those to the DAW .. so I will roll up all Vox into a return on say Ch 9/10, Guitars on 11/12, Drums 13/14 Bass (15/16) so I can create individual monitor mixes using a relative mix of these groups. That sound sensible? I will give that a go tonight.

Many thanks
Andy NZ