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Overthink your setup a little bit…
You are trying to use a dedicated mixer for monitoring, so it’s more useful to make your monitor mixes in the Qu
and mix it together with the DAW stereo return or the single channels from DAW.
Monitoring for the recorded chanels has to be off.

Your QU is the hardware mixer for monitoring like Totalmix in RME gear.
The monitoring signal is generated in the hardware befor the PC.
Latency should be no issue here, the mixer adds about 3ms latency in worst case.
Your over all latency should not go over 3ms and it does not matter what buffer sice your DAW is working with,
DAW is only for playback…don’t listen to the recorded signals, it makes no sense in digital domain.

Direct Monitoring is not available in QU because the mixer applys before the ASIO driver.
It is like your PC is a tape machine and nothing else.

To record a signal without compression and EQ set your direct out point before all processing.

Yor Qu can act as a remote control (MIDI over Ethernet only) to set up your mix in the box.