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Good old GS3? The one in my avatar on the left? Ok, you’re aware that this is a full analog desk and you hopefully do not expect it to work as a DAW controller for your logic, right?
I guess you’re asking for a multi-channel audio interface for your mac, correct?
To get a proper answer you probably should explain a little more your needs and intended use of the console. For recording only up to two channels a time you may be fine with your current interface, just connect it to one of the group outputs.
For multichannel recording it totally depends on your expectations. For Home-Studio purposes an eight channel device connected to the group outputs may work nice. If you intend to record each individual channel during live concerts, you obviously need more channels.
Since the console has mic inputs you may decide to operate the interface on line-level, in that configuration I ran the MOTU 24io for many years until I had to understand that modern interfaces may provide “better” mic preamps (in terms of noise margin) compared to the GS3 so I’ve switched to a rack of three M-Audio/Avid ProFire2626 which directly took signals from stage and forward on line level to the desk.
If money is not an issue, I’d prefer to go for RME or Qu… 😉