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Expanding on what [XAP]Bob said:

4 divas, 4 fx engines… should be possible. The caveat is that on the Qu16 only 2 of these FX engines have their own dedicated fx sends (FX1 and FX2. The Qu24 and Qu32 have 4x dedicated FX sends, but that’s a moot point here.)

There are two saving graces: the first is that the other two fx engines (FX3 and FX4) can also set up as mix-return, if you feed them from other Mix1-10 (FX button next to touch screen, FX3, Back Panel to set this up.) Eg if you’ve got Mix7 spare, you can use it to feed FX3. Useful, providing you’ve got spare mixes that you aren’t using for monitors etc. Be on bottom layer, press Mix7, push up vocal channel fader for whichever vocalist is going to use that FX engine, press LR, change to top layer, push up the fader for FX3ret. Change to mixX for monitors, push up FXRet3 fader to get that verb in the relevant monitors.

The second saving grace (if you don’t have enough spare mixes) is that the FX engines can also be configured to be fed from a single channel instead of a mix (channel-return on the “back panel” of the FX processor.) NB that using channel-return will feed the fx engine from whereever the direct out point is tapped. This can be moved from its default of post-preamp to post all, follow mute, follow fader, as though it was a regular post fade send, but the direct out point is global on all channels, and is also where your Qu-Drive and ME1 feeds are (potentially) derived from (if you’re using those.)

The third option is to use the FX as inserts on each channel, but as [XAP]Bob said, once the FX is inserted you can’t really extract it, you get that same amount of verb on that channel in all your mixes, including LR. Using the mix-return or channel-return, you can dial the return in at different levels for different mixes. Sometimes you want FX inserted, other times you want a proper return for it, luckily the Qu16 can cater for both.

Also, if you use all four FX engines for four different vox, (lets assume they’re all ‘verbs) that doesn’t leave you any space to put fx anywhere else: no vocal delay, no verb on a drum kit, no chorus on a guitar etc. Still, there’s no hard and fast rule that says “you always have to have a lead vox verb, backing vox verb, vox delay and snare verb.” Do whatever makes you band sound good.