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I answered that in another post. A group is NOT a DCA. If I take you example, the mute on the group is not like muting CH1 and CH2. That’s why you can usually hear them when they are assigned to LR as well. So muting a group don’t mute the channel. It mutes the group.

When you use FX, you are not puting an FX to a channel. You are sending a copy of the signal of the channel to the FX (the FX is like another group/mix). So the FX (your wet signal) is not assigned to the group. Your wet is still assigned to LR. It is important to understand the signal path.

So you actually have 2 copy of each signal. One going to the group and one going to the FX.

Now to do what you want :

Remove FX1 Ret and FX2 Ret from LR and assign it to the group (as you did with CH1 and CH2). Now muting the group will also mute your FX.