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I agree that often just putting a router by the desk is the simplest & best option. But having the router at the front can sometimes be a better option, and in that case just running one cable is nice. Some examples:

1) I recently did a corporate gig where the desk had to be in the projection room and I was using the iPAD to make changes in the room – In this case I wanted the router at the side of the stage on the top of the amps/radios/AR2412 rack.

2) In a large room with a lot (or unknown amounts of) WiFi I’d rather have the router to the side of the stage than FOH for the same reason I put the radio receivers there – I want to be sure of a good signal on stage (where I need the iPad).

3) If I have a rig where there are devices in the rack on stage that can be remote controlled over Ethernet. E.g. amps or radio receivers, I can wire those into the data network and connect a PC/mac at FOH to control them – while still only needing one cable between FOH and the stage.