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Rob Spence is indeed Correct – when compared against the alternatives – the integration of the somewhat costly Dante Card is significantly less expensive, more available and more capable than the alternative yamaha option – which still only allows 32 channels at 44.1kz.

A&H offer a higher channel count, less financial output on the desk, admittedly a higher card price (but you only have to buy 1), and a seamless integration into the system – offer a higher sampling rate without compromise to the number of channels that can be run, and above all… no faffing about routing this that and the other all over the place to just get signal to your DAW.

I have a dante cards for each of my two GLD80, and even as a smalltime audiovisual operator – they have paid themselves back ten times.
I do some recording work for some of the local Amateur dramatic societies, offering a live PA and mic’ing solution aswell as a seamless recording of each production.

I have run all 48 tracks with no problems whatsoever straight into mac mini i7 16gb running Propellerheads reason 7.5 with a USB 3.0 drive, on many productions now and have never even had anything that might represent the slightest glitch.

Plus as well as all this I have the benefit of being able to interface with other manufacturers desks running Dante outputs, and nearly ever bigger gig I am at these days is showing more and more respect for the Dante Protocol – I was at a closed door meeting with Roland in October whilst at Plasa14 – they are even supporting Dante on the new 5000 series desk.

I honestly cannot see A&H developing a seperate budget line recorder for the purposes of recording up to 48 tracks – if you even think about the costings of the ICE16 – retail on it is about £850 for 16 tracks – in theory you’d be looking for 3 times 16 tracks that so over £2500 – so in retrospectful thought even adding one single A&H Dante card at a cost of anything from £800 to £1100 pounds does not seem that unrealistic a pricing, a basic GLD system costing around £6500 at the minute.

A&H Dante card (48 tracks per card) – £800-£1100
Yamaha MY16 AUD (16 tracks per card) – £550 each (£1650 for 48 tracks… but you are limited to 32)

Its all down to circumstance and your budget, but when actually weighing up the options, pricing and realms of possibility… my own opinion is that A&H are well ahead of the curve on their relative pricing, functionality, and ease of use.

Thats just my thoughts

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