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I should have said that everything is on version 1.4 firmware.
I have also had the problem when using the same AR2412 with one of the QU16’s aswell.

The power light on the rear does not come on – the signal light on the fornt does not come on – only the fan activates on the rear.

It also exhibits this problem regardless of whether or not the CAT 5 is plugged in.
It may all be sorted when I put version 1.42 on later today – but for months and months version 1.4 never once gave me any problems – nothing has changed to prompt this vast reduction in performance.

The Ar2412 is mounted in a shock-protected rack, its always handled with extreme care – it kinda has to be causes its in the same rack as two IPD2400 Lab amps so its a heavyish rack and its always packed into the van on its bottom and wedged in so it cannot possibly move.

This is doing my head in – I shouldn’t have to consider bringing a spare AR2412 with me to gigs – but this is heartbreaking right now LOL!