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Hello Everyone: I am a previous T112/IDR32 owner & now current owner T112/IDR32 owner, I sold my Ilive close to a year ago because it felt like the ilive was not getting any love from A&H, There is still not alot coming from A&H about the ilives future, But because I love the system I went out and bought another, The Dealer that I bought from offered me the system (new) for half of what the ilive system is currently selling for, I came back and offered the Dealer $3k less stating that I am not sure what the future of the ilive is going to be and that I did not want to stuck with a system that I would lose alot of money on, and they agreed and accepted my offer.. I am happy to be back with an ilive, My hope is that A&H will continue to support this product and if there is an ilive2 that the current ilive will have an available upgrade.