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Dick Rees

System interaction (mic/speakers) is situational and any feedback loops will depend primarily on physical distances (wavelengths/phase).

If you are working in rooms of the same dimensions you may find similar room modes. If your system setup always has the same physical relationship between the mics and speakers the same might be true…discounting reflections.

Thus any seeming consistent phenomenon would not be one of frequency itself but one of the physical similarities in setup and location manifesting in “hot spots”. I suspect that gross similarities in setup leads us to look to certain frequencies as “trouble spots”, but it is not solely the frequencies themselves that are the problem. Rather, they are a manifestation of problematic positioning and mic/speaker interaction.

There may be certain adjustments you’d need to make in your system DSP to address any consistent problems such as cross-over points/slopes and such. Speaker manufacturers often give “tunings” for their boxes which can either be implemented with digital system processing or by use of a proprietary “black box” processor.

Lastly, certain frequencies tend to stick in your mind from experience. I notice you mention 6.3K in your list. This is what I call the “ice pick” due to the pain produced when it goes off, so yes, I generally am careful about that particular one…not because it appears more often than others but because if it does appear IT HURTS!