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I’ve been seeing reports of errors during recording to my 500 GB Western Digital Elements drive (not right at the start of recording, but during recording). It tends to run into 10’s of errors over an hour or so, though it has run for up to four hours with no errors, so it is intermittent. This is even after a fresh format on the A&H.

These have been incidental recordings so far so I’ve not been too worried (yet), but I’m starting to wonder if this drive is really suitable, even though it is on the recommended list.

The drive is new (well, bought in July, but predominantly only used for this purpose).

Is there anything I can do ‘offline’ to determine if this is a drive error or something else? – would the normal read/write and smart tests be of any indication of what’s going on? The only thing that comes to mind is that I have to position the mixer next to my drums so it’s probably subjected to some level of vibration!

The other thing I’ve noticed – this is a USB 3 drive, but copying wav files produced by the QU to my PC it runs at about 5 MB/s! As an experiment I tried dumping another file on the same drive (same formatting etc.) and it was as expected – about 80 MB/s. So it something to do with the files themselves that causes really low transfer speeds.