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It did, in fact, use 1 and 2 as the main outputs, but I was able to select them as individual outputs before and then assign those outputs to tracks 1 and 2 and then work with the tracks in the right order… (i.e.- track one would go to channel 1 and so forth) now I have to select track one to output on channel 3 in order to get it (because the 1 Left, 1 right, and 1 stereo don’t even show up on the output options… all others do) and 1& 2 are empty…. so nothing, including the master, will output to 1L and 1R…

This also seems odd to me (that they are all numbered only with odd numbers) so instead of a 1 & 2 there is a 1 Left, 1 Right, or 1 Stereo…. instead of a 1, a 2 and a stereo 1&2… is that how it is supposed to appear? This has been this way since I installed the Qu32, but at least I used to have the options of 1L, 1R and 1 Stereo… which seemed to work fine as assigned to be 1, 2 or stereo 1&2 respectively.

They are all set up the way they used to be on the Qu and the sound comes to 3-32 just fine… I will check the setup but I am pretty sure they are set right….

I think this all happened after a Windows 8 update, but not certain that had anything to do with it. If I use an alternate sound source, such as Media Player, it outputs on 31 & 32 on my Qu (31L, 31R and 31 Stereo). but Sonar seemed to default to 1&2 until I would change it at the master output…

Would it not show up if some other program were using those channels? This is all very confusing to me…

Thanks for the input!!