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I guess my concern is that the QU32 is within a few hundred dollars of the X32. AH is likely looking to attract buyers in that price range. Now add 8 personal monitor mixers. My personal system (which is a GLD80) and the two churches I am advising for (considering QU32) do not need more than 16 channels on their personal monitor mixers. Running the math using the prices found easily on the web, here is what I get.

Ignoring ethernet cabling the AH system is $6800. The equivalent P16-M system from that B company is $2436. Thats a diff of $4363. More than the x32 mixer costs. With the difference in board purchase price added, the differential becomes greater. Will A&H ever come out with a personal mixer to give them a run for their money?

I realize the A&H system uses more robust Ethercon cables but for the difference I can keep a spare mixer and set of cables hanging around.

Give me hope I can bring them into the A&H ecosystem please.

The system I am comparing above is:
8 personal mixers w/ 16 channels
8 stand mounts
1 distributer.