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We have written a fair amount – most of it in the wrong thread (I started another for this discussion).

If a company has a feature suggestion section on a forum then I kind of expect them to be seriously looking at the features being suggested.

I bought the mixer with a few things I still wanted to see…
One of those has mostly been answered by the Qu-You app, although I’d still like to be able to hook up a second iPad remotely on the “metering” page (I tend to run that even if I’m using the mixer physically).

So I do have some optimism that features that are clearly possible could still be delivered by A&H. In the case of this thread I should point out that when I was speccing out the Church mixer we are now using I spent tens if not hundreds of hours with the Roland PC application – by the time we got the unit delivered (on a Friday, of course) I was in a position to flash the firmware and completely configure the desk in about 2 hours. Then I played with it physically for a long while, but all the major configuration was pre-done. I have done similar with a Berry desk.

I had to imagine my way around the QU with just the manual for guidance.

Whenever I take the QU out of stock I have to get it home early enough to make sure the mixer is in the state I have planned (on paper/spreadsheet) so that when I go to a gig it fires up and does what I want. I’d much rather be able to program it on a PC (or an iPad) at leisure and then just load it to the desk. I’d also suggest that people who aren’t as familiar with a variety of user interfaces would benefit from being able to have a virtual hands-on session…