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I visited the South African agent for A&H today & had a long technical session with the local A&H brand manager, who is also a sound engineer & very familiar with the whole range of A&H digital consoles himself. The USB disks that he uses to update firmware for the Qu consoles also did not want to read on my Qu24. So alas, I had to let the faulty console go & I’m very happy to say that they replaced the faulty console with a brand new Qu24. The one I’m using at the moment is working seamlessly with all the USB disks that I have, as well as an older 500GB HD – no problems from the start whatsoever. I never would have thought that the console would be the device at fault. The A&H brand manager was just as surprised as I was, said it’s the first time he had to deal with an issue like this where a Qu console did not want to read any USB disks whatsoever, even ones that were formatted in QuDrive format.