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I’m not sure the block diagram necessarily shows particular differences – it’s not high on my list (since I don’t need more than 7 mixes at the moment), but even if the processing had to be equivalent then I still think there is merit in the board handling the panning itself (i.e. allowing me to mix them as two separate mixes on the faders and/or two Qu-You apps).

I can also see the inverse cases, where the ability to link two mixes (cf+ linking two channels) could be useful.

I don’t think this is a likely feature for 1.7, but I suspect it could be made to work very well – even given some limitations in processing between the higher mix outputs, the ability to adjust Mix5 without also affecting Mix6 is just case of adjusting level and pan, but that’s not necessarily an intuitive combination of adjustments to get just right – the board could take that guesswork away (as could something abusing the Qu-You protocol)