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I think Bob was referring to future updates as a possibility
IF you look closely at the block diagram it looks (to-me) feasible.
Anyhow after quite some research and thinking… if the price of the ME1 was a little easier the ME1 can easily be used as a remote controller for another room as another send. Its a full digital split!
You could set volumes to 0db on it and control the mix the same as the FOH from the QU is you set the Global sends after fader. From memory there is a “follow” fader tick in a box in the QU.
The ME1 is designed for headphones and in ear monitoring however the sound quality is very round full sound plugged into a powered speaker.
Metering is slow like Analoge VU and it dose have a limiter.

There is a post on here somewhere where a Blues band were touring using 4xME1 by the monitor engineer
I have looked everywhere but can not find that post now.

Just some thoughts.
Every once in a while a product comes along and is like a breath of fresh air and I feel the QU32 is just that.

dave NZ