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I recently had issues with 2 USB sticks
Both were sandisk. one was an Extreme and the other a Ultra
Both were USB3 models.
Both flash drives used to work (just doing updates and stuff like that (on smaller QU 16 & 24). Nothing like recording multitracks.
I reformated them on both PC and MAC to Fat 32
I tried multiple types of formating within Fat32.
I spent days on it ,… off and on.
I managed to repair the Extreme Sandisk with my PC by:
going to properties/tools on the PC and ticking the boxes:
[Automatically fix file system errors]
and the other box:
[Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors].

Then I was able to format that flash drive in the QU32
and carry on doing the 1.6 update of which I had used since released without any issues.
Might be worth a try?

Both flashdisks work perfectly on PC and MAC still


dave NZ