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Technically it could (although certain things (like eq) might have to remain linked) since pan and level control are all that is required.

The ME-1 is a great looking product, and if I needed more than 10 mixes I might look at it, as my current (common) requirement is for 7 I’m not actually affected, but I can see that the ability to run a couple of extra mono outputs (for a loop amp, a foyer feed etc) would be useful. I certainly can’t justify the cost of the ME-1 for most musicians, the Qu-You has all the functionality we need for those on in ears, as well as allowing me to control the mix from wither the console or the Qu-Pad – which the ME-1 doesn’t allow.

When I need monitor mixes I’ll have to look at them, but 8/9/10 would be served by a “panning” split of the existing stereo outputs.

Given that the DSP exists to GEQ both sides, to apply PEQ to both sides I suspect that even those features could be split (providing two full mono outputs), although that would be secondary.
Press 5/6 once and the blue light comes on – editing 5 – press it again and it flashes editing 6, again and it jumps back to L&R.

There are more important things, but I suspect the DSP and hardware is all in place, it’s a UI change in the main part (possibly sacrificing some of the features, or having them force linked).
The same change to UI/configuration could also permit 1&2, 3&4 to be linked as a stereo pair, making it easier to manage 5 stereo output mixes when needed.