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Bob, what you are decribing nearly sounds like the ME1
Runs over cat5/6.
Has access to EVERY in/put digitally, is a small mixer. (confusing at first!)
I have just spent a week learning these things.
Ive been told they will run up to 100 metres over cat.
So if you have an AR2412 on stage effectively you can get a return back to FOH for adding extra things you might want to do : like add a specif type of out-baord efx like an analogue octaver or something space cadet like that (so you don’t have to use your XLR outs).
I use both the stereo outs 9/10 to drive subs both out of one port or stereo out.
They are balanced out (+18db) but only referenced to 0db and not +4db.
Of course the matrix has XLR outs but that is only acessed from groups, mixs and L&R. You cant get into the Matrix from a channel.

so before I rave too much

Future suggestions for me would be Groups as “seperatemix outs with motorised faders not related to the top layer.
And the same with Matrix outs.

However even suggesting such a thing will get up some forum users noses. as “The mixer is built to a certain price point level and it is what it is.”
Of course it is!
The QU32 is just in its infancy!

Any how
Offense can only be taken

Pouring with rain here.
Good day to study the ME1s’ again.