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If a manufacturer has a device that we have tested and reported as OK, it is not safe to assume that another model with different capacity will also pass the test.

i.e. If we have OK’ed a 500GB HDD, this does not mean that the 750GB or 1TB model will also be OK.


It’s a SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 8GB
SanDisk Cruzer Facet 16GB
SanDisk Cruzer Fit 16GB
SanDisk Cruzer Edge 16GB
Verbatim USB Netbook 8GB
Verbatim Tuff ‘n Tiny 8GB
Verbatim Micro USB 8 GB
Kingston Data Traveller G3 16GB
Kingston Data Traveller SE9 8GB
Kingston Data Traveller 111 16GB
Integral Neon 4GB
Integral Courier 8GB
Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB


I’ve quoted A&H, then you, then copied the approved list. Note that your 32’s are not on the approved list and per the initial manufacturer caveat have not been included on the approved list.

You have to follow directions to the letter. If it still doesn’t work, open a service ticket.