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The current mixer one of the community theater production companies uses is an 01v96. They use Studio Manager via laptop to load up the next batch of cues when they exhaust the 100 memories in there. They don’t need a a more feature oriented mixer, just more scene memories. they rarely exceed 18 headset mics, so a larger desk with more bells and whistles isn’t going to be very helpful for them. Just basic EQ and dynamics and a bit of routing. The Qu24 or 32 basically has more than they need already. They scene memory required is basically to automate scene to scene mic muting and rarely more.

I was thinking if the Qu had limited memory resources, a workaround could be to have a “hobble mode” for the scope of the scene recall to a relatively limited number of functions compared to full blown recall of all the parameters and double up on the number of scene memories. Or even triple them. That’s assuming the actual memory isn’t available – an answer which has yet to be given. A laptop with real-time scene recall would be fine too. Does anyone know if the control software for the Qu has that facility? It would be better to have it in the desk though to keep it self contained.