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Cameron, be careful. This forum is for fans, some of them are willing to protect it with their own lifes.
You first have to write this in your posts, else you’ll have to deal with them:

“I love my Qu, it’s the best mixer in the world! And A&H is such a wonderful company, I really need to be the mother of its kids! A&H, make me pregnant! I love you!!”

Only after that you are allowed to write in such a manner as you did. Else some of us here will start protecting their babies (with A&H) and telling you that you are being unreasonable, theatrical, whining, acting like, etc.

It’s not really new. It’s like an allergy that has developed over the last months in this forum. Too much people too close to each other I guess, it’s just too crowded here. The most popular answer to feature suggestions of these last weeks must be:
“get a freaking 747 if you need more room”.

Everything you say in such a manner as in your OP will be taken as complaining about a very loved baby.

DON’T TOUCH THE BABY!! It’s a bit like the “precious” in Tolkien’s phantasy stuff.

That said, get a 747 if you don’t like the Qu. And stop acting.