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What a fantastic unit.
However the manual (to me) is inside out, back to front and left me answering questions about who on earth compiled this little gem.
I have spent 4-5 hours a day (about 4 days) on this with my QU32 just trying to figure how the heck I will use this?
I 1st thought ahhh this maps 1 to 1 from the monitor out screen but wait… hold on it only has 16 buttons hence the looking everywhere trying in desperation for a bank flip to the next 16.
So back to reading the PDF manual as the manual the ME1 ships with dose the unit no justice.

So I find on page 27 of the PDF those magic words ‘it said’ to add “members” to a group.
Ahh so that’s the key I have been looking for.

Just a plain description of how to configure the system on a QU
Sure I thought if I had an iLive or a GLD with lots of outputs one might be able to configure within those frame works.

So. I now have configured the ME1 through lots of reading and watching Videos that the way forward is making groups so an operator can simply turn up/down that group volume into the mix that they require, or… what ever is assigned to a key.

However (in group mode)I have NO volume display? (no metering)
So I guess that’s my 1st question.

I understand “default mode”
There 7 modes.
I collected another unit from the distributor just to make sure that the 1st ME1 is not faulty, and it is not!

So now I’m looking for a block diagram for the options
The type you get in manuals
(not a wiring diagram)
some people may call it a spread sheet of scenarios
OR like a family tree diagram.
If anyone could sketch this out? Post it here or Private Message me I would be gratefully ….

PLEASE, only constructive comments
I have no access to other users locally
I am in a small pacific island way down under.

Thanks and regards
dave NZ