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I have used 2 and 3 QU16s before together.
Only way to link mixers like this is physical with analogue.
I used the ST1 in to do this simple.
And used a little box I had made to passively join outputs. All balanced.
Interestingly I used analogue return to the stage via BSS EQs’& DBX comp.
It all worked extremely well at both low volume and and extreme loud event.
HOWEVER you have to always be thinking. That was late last year.
I did another 3 day recording event using qu24 and QU16
That was fine as well.
Also used 2 QU16 joined with passive resistors as dedicated monitor desk. That worked well except that was before a particular update.

SO the point is you can use and join nearly anything in the analogue world.
Need to watch phasing and comb filtering.

Some people scoffed at what I did.
quoting “oh I would have just bought an iLive man” & “I wouldn’t have bothered”
But it was me that did the gig and got paid AND
those mixers have been used separately at the same time on other events.

Offense can only be taken.

dave NZ