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Well said, Focal. Thx for elaborating.

To other forum members: I too think it is reasonable to say “just buy the features you need”. But at the moment there is often not the possibility of such a decision. If you need direct USB multitrack recording, for example, and you want a rack format hardware interface… Well, what are the options? If you then also need HPF’s on the auxes, or a keyed gate… the only hope is the mixer you invested in gets upgraded. I would have been ready to pay 1000€ more for a SiEx1 with a direct USB multitrack recording card. That mixer has everything I need or want including a very nice user interface. But then I’d have to always take a laptop with me what I definitely don’t want. Therefore I chose the Qu which is also good, and has four full parametric EQ bands. Everything else is better on the SiEx1 from my point of view (I don’t do home studio work).

I’m happy with my decision for the Qu only if I can keep the hope for some small features to come in the future. If I knew they would never come, I’d just be waiting for the next rack size mixer with direct USB multitrack recording to switch.

So, I’m one of those Focal wrote about, who are willing to upgrade. There is just no buying upgrade path in my case. The only upgrade path at the moment is the manufacturer upgrading the software. It would be even useful if there would be a software-only upgrade path with features being sold. Then I could live with the tiny lighted and all-same-color LR/FX/mix buttons in the Qu (this is something that bothers me everytime) and would invest in a better firmware for my needs or wishes.