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Same sentiments here. The QU and GLD serve different purposes and the features separate them for a reason. The A&H product lines are broken down by i/o and flexibility. Some elements are shared (FX, dsnake, ME-1, preamps, etc.), but they are fundamentally different platforms. This debate has as much to do with what the QU/GLD CAN do and what they SHOULD do. It is in A&H’s best interest (and yours) that each series have specific boundaries. It protects product value and hardware longevity.

For QU owners looking for more flexibility, I see the value in a smaller GLD (rackmount) mixer that offers expanded i/o and flexibility. It would come with a price increase, but that should be expected. I think it would be great to have a rackmount GLD starting around the price of the QU32. It would give potential buyers the option to choose between platforms. Either buy-in at the top of the QU series or start with the bottom of the GLD series and expand later.

I don’t sense there is a large number of QU users who want to ditch the QU platform for something more advanced like the GLD. The Qu is built to be simple and straightforward…add too many features and it will lose a niche in the market. We all have our opinion about where the line is between “simple” and the “next level” (typically, it is determined by our workflow/comfort level). I just think some Qu owners are ready to move up to the GLD but choose not to because the price jump between the 2 series is so large. I think that is unfortunate.

Of course, that brings us back to GCumbee’s comments. The digital mixer market is offering features at a price point that was unheard of even 5 years ago. We all benefit from the market trends, but I’m not sure if manufacturers will be able to maintain the current pace for long. For those who have been in the game longer, I imagine the frenzy is alarming. New operators are entering the industry expecting features to be added for free in quarterly firmware updates. At some point, we will all need to adjust our expectations when the market stabilizes and the pace slows down… and when the time comes, we’ll have a better idea of which product line has both the features we want AND the build quality to last. So far, I’ve been impressed with our A&H products and expect them to perform well for years to come.

Quickly, in response to Bob, I think the difference between setting up 2 faders from a single source vs. setting up 2 scenes is negligible. It really comes down to workflow and familiarity with using scenes. I can understand your preference, but saying one is “simple” and implying the other is complicated isn’t completely accurate.