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why not use the graphic?

When you “ring out” a room you are addressing room modes/standing waves which by their nature have very specific, fixed frequencies which are best dealt with using notch filters rather than GEQ filters which, although they are on 1/3 octave centers, pull down frequencies in a cut as wide as an octave thus removing or affecting program frequencies far in excess of those needed to address room/system interaction.

GEQ is then used for general tonal adjustments after the specific sonic surgery dealing with room modes has been properly addressed using the variable width PEQ filters. The narrowest filters available on the Qu desks are 1/9 octave. With my GraphiQ the filters are as narrow as 1/60 octave.

Side note: the greatest area of concern for room modes/standing waves will be found below 300hz…as a general rule. Above that there will be the possibility of anomalies between the measurement mic and the speaker system which will tend to disappear by simply moving the microphone. Room modes won’t disappear…