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Dick Rees

If you’re dealing with your own system, best practice is to start with it tuned using DSP to get the response you want right out of the gate, then deal with system/room interaction with the mains L/R PEQ. With your speaker system optimized prior to setup and effective speaker positioning the PEQ should offer enough filters to deal with room modes.

I find the concept of using RTA and pink noise interesting, but prefer to do my tuning after ring-out by ear using a well-recorded ensemble representative of the music that will be on stage…making allowance for the typical changes once the audience arrives.

If for some reason the four PEQ filters on the main bus should not be enough I place a Sabine GraphiQ between the mixer and the amps or in a pinch route signal to the mains via Mix 9/10 and hard-patching back via ST1 or 2 so as to be able to use four or eight more PEQ filters.

I seldom find I need more than the four filters available on the mains bus, though.