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Ok, I finally fixed my problem. I’ll post the solutions here in case anyone has similar issues:

As mentioned previously, the Dante FW Update Manager would not install unless I set my PC’s clock back to 2013. Then, my issue was that when the update manager would search for the Dante card on the network, I would get a “DNS-SD System Failed” error and it would not be able to find the card. I found out that the DNS-SD service is a special service written by Apple and provided by a software package called Bonjour. Once I installed Bonjour for Windows, the update manager could see my Dante Card.

My final issue was the update failing after performing the “Get” operation. I resolved this by using a proper Gigabit switch rather than connecting directly between my laptop and the Dante card or using a wireless router. I had hoped that I would not need the switch since I only had two devices, but it appears to be necessary in this case.

Anyway, hope this might help someone in the future.