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Yes thanks,for sure.
I call that my ‘A mix’
effectively giving ‘8 easy thinking sends’ for a monitor desk
I have searched the QU32 every way trying to get a couple of more sends.
I think one way is to use ME1s’ of which I experimented today with into a powered wedge.
You can set the QU32 to pre fader easily enough and just run with the default set up being 1 to 1 but this only gives you up to 16 in that mode of configuration.
If you could flip to another bank of another 16 channels that would be an easy fix.
AND the names from the QU update within a second to the ME1.
However the ME1 is just not designed to do that or to be that type of mixer.
If you have to train a misician on how to use an ME1 from scratch… man thats not where I want to be!

I’m frustrated as I if you look at the mixer the hardware has all of the features to be a 12 way (thinking mono) output including the subgroups.
‘The block diagram suggests this as well’ however the software dose not support this.
That may be in the future but I’m a minority user in the grand scale of marketing.
I think that to be able to turn the subgroups into mix outs (like mix sends) would put this desk at this present time ahead in the land of monitor mix desks at this price.
Maybe I will just use 2x QU32 side by side to get extra sends and use more wedges?
The analogue splinters I use are a 3 way split, 2 with transformers.
It would be nice to keep it all simple! however….
These problems get the brain thinking what else is out there and ways to easily get a work around.
Thanks for your suggestions.

I like my QU32
and after doing a couple of large outdoor events this week I have finally found the tone of the desk. Its different…(thats another subject)
I’m picking up another QU32 for FOH/Monitor scenario this week.
Thanks again!
dave NZ