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Welcome to the GLD family! When you can manage it, you would do well to move to the ME-1 for personal monitoring. If more EQ than the ME-1 has is needed, place an analog EQ in the chain. I recently worked with a 4 piece blues band, had 4 ME-1’s at the side of the stage for my monitor tech. He loved it and so did the band! Well worth the initial investment.
I use a 16-8 POE CAT 5 switch (8 are POE – that’s Power Over Ethernet which means the ME-1’s don’t need a power supply) – cost about $150.
This would save you having to use up all those Aux’s, plus, If I understand what you are trying to do, you are limiting your monitor system to only 8 channels, the ME-1 can handle all 40 channels from the GLD80, plus it carries the names assigned by you at the console to the ME-1’s.
Check them out!
The Sound Doctor PDX