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Thanks for your inputs Mervaka and GCumbee
You both let me think how realistic my suggestion is, considering the practice on the gig and the demands on the electronics.

Yes (Mervaka), I already considered a split of the main mix layer. But 12 channels is not enough for most of my gigs.
Now, if I have enough channels available I only “double” the input-channels for vocals. Mostly 5 at the max.
I can live with that for now! And, to be honest, I don’t want to think about processing all instruments (including drums) separately for all mixes. That would be unworkable.

Still (my) vocalists have individual preferences in their monitoring, some of them with in-ears.

Maybe my suggestion can be relativated somewhat:
Is it possible to choose for a separate processing for each channel by means of a (software) switch.
I can imagine this could be realized for a limited number of channels and/or layers.